The 144,000 Of Revelation

Only 144,000?

Why is it there are only 144,000 chosen out of
4 billion souls on this earth?


Original Meanings:

The first description is given at birth by the mothers.  Gen. 29:31 - 35:18 (KJV).
The second description is the “blessings” by Jacob. Gen. 49:1-27 (KJV).

Reuben:    The Lord looked upon my affliction.
(A Son)    First fruit, my might & the beginning of my strength, dignity. & power.     Unstable as water, shalt not excel.

Simeon:    God has heard me.
(Hearing)    Instrument of cruelty (sword of violence). Self willed.   
        Simeon & Levi are alike as brothers. “The Same”

Levi:        Joined to.
(Attached)    Instrument of cruelty and self willed. 

Judah:    Praise the Lord.
(Praise)    Leader of the people in wisdom.

Zebulon:    Place to dwell.
(Dwelling)    A haven & refuge for ships.

Issachar:    Servant.
(Given for hire)    Strong servant of nations.

Dan:        Judging.
(Judge)    Snake that bites the heel.

Gad:        Good fortune.
(Fortune)    An overcomer.

Asher:    Makes happy.
(Happy)    Provider of bread & royal dainties.

Naphtali:    Wrestled.
(Wrestled/Striving)  Politician, Ambassador.  A hind let loose, giving great promise.

Joseph:    Adding.
(Increaser)    A strong shepherd; the stone of Isreal.

Benjamin:    Son of the right hand.
(Son of the right hand)   A devourer and divider


The 12 tribal names as set forth in Rev. 7:5-8 were rearranged by God’s inspiration for His specific purpose.

Two tribes are missing in this list (since these are not in the character of Jesus) are:          
                                      Dan:                                             Judge or Judging
                                        Ephraim  (son of Joseph):     Fruitful in affliction.

The added name of:     Manasseh (son of Joseph):    Making to forget.

Judah:    A praiseworthy leader (Praise the Lord).

Reuben:    A (first) son.

Gad:        Good fortune.

Asher:    Provider of royal bread.

Napthali:    Messenger of great promise.

Manasseh:    Making to forget. (Clearing the records).

Simeon:    Swords of violence.

Levi:        Self-willed, and determined.

Issachar:    Strong servant of nations.

Zebulon:    A refuge.

Joseph:    Strong shepherd.  Stone of Isreal.

Benjamin:    Son of the right hand.  Divider of truth and error.

    Taking the description of each name from Rev. 7:5-8 and putting it into a summary, we have:

    A praiseworthy leader, a king, and a Praise to the Lord who is the first & only Son (of God).  
    Who is our Good Fortune (promise of vibrant life), a Provider of Royal Bread (the Word of life), and a Messenger of great promise (of future life).
    Who Makes us Forget (clearing the records) our Swords of Violence (sinful ways), caused by our Self-Willed determinations.
    He is a Strong Servant of Nations, our Refuge, our Strong Shepherd.  The Stone of Isreal (that cannot be moved).
    The One on the right hand of God (the Righteousness of God), who divides between truth and error.

     Thus, we see the description and mission of Christ for us, who are Abraham’s lineage by faith.  Also, we are to be the character and image of Christ reflected in the 144,000 who are able to stand without an intercessor before God during the most terrible tribulations that will have ever occurred on this earth. Most of His people will be of that group that no man can number.

When God sees us He must see His Son reflected in each of us that we may be judged worthy to be with Jesus forever.

     Be willing to be changed into His image that you may be kept in His protective love, filled with the Holy Ghost, willing to let go of all earthly encumbrances so our God and Father may receive all honor and glory by our Lord, Jesus Christ through you.


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Anonymous said...

I do not think that a living being was there, as in Job is it mentioned that the dead know nothing and only God has the power to breathe into the nostrils of man to give him life.

Breath in Greek is the word 'pnemua' and was used for the object of a Spirit. When God breathed into the man made from dust he became a living soul. Also, when man dies 'his breath returns to God Who gave it. Note: the body is still on earth and the soul is no longer here or there. A mystery we can find out about later.

Pastor Mark