The Five Most Important Words
In The Bible

When people come to the Bible for study or learning, they usually arrive with preconceived ideas from their childhood, their circumstances, their environment, previous training, and other thoughts, which can get in the way of what is being said to be understood. God’s word never lies — He doesn’t have to! We cause His words to be in error as we choose to change them. Watch now . .

The first five words in your Bible says . .

“In the beginning God created . .”—Genesis 1:1

Why are these important? The first word ‘In’ denotes something special byty meaning there was a process in place. Not ‘At’ the beginning like there was some explosion or galactic event to precipitate life here on Earth (and no where else?). ‘In’ the process of something happening.

Is ‘The” important, too? That word is a definite article indicating a description of the ‘In’ process is coming afterwords. So, pay attention to what follows. See how simple words can mean so much?

Now we get into the depth of this first sentence of the Bible with the ‘beginning.’ Beginning of what? A process has begun at a point in time to do a great thing. But by what controlling power is this done, and for what reason, if any?

What God? Jesus describes Him as the Father. Other definitions call Him the Creator, and also YHWH. He answers to other ‘names’ also. What is amazing is that He answers! More on that in another message. God is the reason for us being here or that there is even a place to exist - called Earth. In the first languages of the Bible the word God was Elohim, which is the plural form of God. So there was at least another entity. Jesus, the WORD, which is what we find in John 1:1-4, 14. But now there is another entity mentioned — The Spirit, “Who moved upon the waters . .”

Yes, that’s what He did in the beginning. He created! At the precise time He chose, and the precise location He chose to accomplish His creation. What did He Create? Heaven and earth. How? By His Word and through His Spirit.

So simple a child could understand it, and yet profound enough to befuddle great minds, even to lead them astray. Why do we make it so difficult to believe Him?

After the ‘beginning,’ the rest of God’s plan gets put into action. He needed to have His reason fulfilled. And He needed you and I to help complete that plan. This gets exciting.

God Bless

Emery Thompson