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Spiritualism is the bringing to life a living form that has no body or substance to it.

When the witch of Endor succeeded in bringing up the apparition of Samuel for  the distressed King Saul to ask of him what he should do about the Philistines. He got his answer and death notice. So King Saul got his just reward and did not like it.—1Samuel 28:15.

He Worshiped The Dead
King Saul not only saw the risen ghostly form of Samuel and spoke to him, but then bowed down and worshiped that spirit. His sin was to worship a ghostly appearance.  How depraved people can get when they presume there is life amongst or in the dead. When we see how the “spirit” is the breath and life of a living soul and without it we are a non-entity or just dead, there will be interpretations applied which can blow out of proportion the truth intended in the Manufacturer’s Handbook (The Bible). 

Some have taken the plain words and applied their own thoughts and misconceptions to “make alive” that which is dead or inanimate. Essentially it is a “concern with things of the spirit.”—WordNet

How To Communicate
There are those who hold “seances” or meetings where alleged non-corporeal intelligences would supply communications through a spirit medium, coded tappings, sounds, Ouija Boards, or other means. At many sessions the assumption of spirit communication was validated by many contemporaries, among them many scientists and philosophers who attended séances and studied the phenomena. It's a lie and a deception to communicate where there is no life. Might as well talk to a stone ( there are those that do just, too).

Trying to communicate with the dead is mentioned in the Bible when King Saul went to the witch of Endor, to find an answer to his problem, while masquerading as someone else.  The ‘witch’ found out through the apparition who he really was. It seems that back then they were wanting to talk to the dead.  This is an evil deception by the father of lies.

We might presume that God answered him, but we are told that God is a God of the living and not of the dead. So his answer must have come from the father of lies, the devil, who was impersonating Saul. Besides, Saul had already been told by God what would become of him because of his disobedience and sins.

Since even a king such as Saul would die because of his disobedience, what does this mean to us who also do not believe and obey what we already know is right. As the hymn says: “Trust and Obey, for There’s No Other Way . . .”
"What Kind Of King Will You Choose?

God Bless

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