Beginning Of The Rest Of The Story


Genesis 1 & 2
After the ‘beginning,’ the rest of God’s plan gets put into action. He needed to have His reasons and purposes fulfilled. And He needed you and I to help complete that plan. This gets exciting.

The Creation of Man

God formed Adam from the dust or clay of the earth and breathed the breath of life into His most perfect creation — MAN. Adam became a living soul. An intellectual being with an extra gift of being able to reason, which the other animals do not have.

A Spirit
An interesting side-note here: the Greek word ‘pneuma’ is air or breath, and is applied as the ‘spirit of man’ because it is inspired (drawn into) to keep life in and for the body. Other people have construed the word Spirit to have other meanings such as, a spirit (not having a form - like a ghost), or having a spiritual nature (again - no form) and then causing it to mean spiritualism (giving life to an inanimate object or dead body - which only God can do, but does not need to). After all, we are already born with His breath (spirit).

So God finished His Creation including placing man in the Garden of Eden to dress it and keep it. He was given his work to do; grounds keeper of the Garden, exploring what God made, eating all the right foods, drinking the best water, looking after the animals (even naming them as God brought them to him), having domain over all that creation as was given him to maintain, and just enjoying all that was set before him. He was able to talk to the angels who must have instructed him on how to live in this beautiful environment, and then during the day he would be able to walk and talk with God Himself. His joy must have been beyond our understanding. But . .

Here Comes the Woman

After a period of time he must have become a little lonely for another soul to communicate with, as he had seen the other animals had their partners, and he didn’t. So God caused him to sleep and took his rib and made a soul mate for him. She must have been very beautiful, the perfect mate for Adam to be with.

Now they were married as one flesh together, as God ordained it should be. And now they shared all things in the most perfect garden with a perfect Father, our Creator.

Later on we are told that there will be another Garden Of Eden when the earth is made new, where He will dwell with us forever, and where no sin will ever raise its ugly head, which started in that glorious ‘Garden of Beginnings.’

God bless.

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